Tips and tricks to better your memory

Tips and tricks to better your memory

Memory is important in our lives. It will not only tell us who we are and remind us of the things that have happened in our lives, it will also give us the knowledge that we need to survive. We use memory when we learn new lessons in school or when we are studying for an exam. We also need an excellent memory when socializing. People who can remember names and people appear to be warmer and are better conversationalists than people who are forgetful. Thus it is important that you start bettering your memory.

Below are some tips on how to improve your memory. Some you can do to improve your brainís function while the others are preventive measures that will help you have great memory skills even after old age.

1. Change your lifestyle
As far-fetched as it seems, what you do with your life can affect your memory. Thus, people who want to better their memory do not only try out memory techniques but also change their whole lifestyle. You can start by avoiding vices that will hurt your brain processes. This includes smoking and drinking beyond the one bottle a day limit for women and two bottles a day for men. This is of course for beers only.

Stress is another factor that can lessen your memory skills. Stress have been shown to not only weaken the body and the immune system but also to weaken the mental processes. Since stress cannot really be avoided, you need to make sure that you find ways to relax and curtail stress. You can do this by resting your head on weekends and having enough sleep everyday. You should also start exercising and meditating which are both good for the brain.

2. Change your diet
What you eat will determine who you are. This may be a clichÈ but it is true nonetheless. If you want to have a more powerful brain, you should make sure that you include in your diet what is often called the brain foods. These are foods that contain choline and proteins which help in the development of the brain. Examples of these brain foods are tuna, salmon and other fishes; soya, tofu, milk, peanuts and meat which are rich in proteins. Veggies and fruits also help by keeping the body strong and rich in supply of anti-oxidants. Young children in fact are encouraged to eat lots of these foods especially at that age when their brains are still developing.

3. Exercise your mind
One of the reasons why the brain slows down is because it is not used as often as it should be used. There are studies in fact that support this. People who answer crossword puzzles, play strategic games and work even when they are old are less likely to have Alzheimerís. The use of the brain is actually a preventive measure for the onset of forgetfulness during old age.

4. Use memory techniques
Your brain also needs you help. It does not mean that if your brain is powerful, you will not make the job easy for it. If you want to better your memory, use memory techniques that will help you remember more. One example is the use of mnemonics, or key letters or words that will represent a whole lot of information. Another memory technique is the association, which allows you to associate an information or item with something that you can already see or what you already know.

Vital Techniques that Can Help Better Your Memory

Vital Techniques that Can Help Better Your Memory

There is nothing wrong in aiming to do things to help better your memory. You don’t have to go to professionals to learn how. You can actually do your own research whenever you have time for such task. Here are some ways that can help you learn more about what you can do in this regard.

1. If you have time, you can spend it on your local library to pick up books that deal with the topic. You can browse it wherever you are while taking down notes as to related tips that you can do to help improve your brain’s performance.

2. You can also check the web for related articles that you can read and gain tips from. Through reading, you will gain the right techniques on how you can improve your memory. This is also a favorable exercise on your brain because this enhances thinking.

3. You can also ask professionals for help regarding the matter. You can do this if you are undertaking your regular physical exams. You can take this opportunity to learn about what you can do to improve your memory by asking the right people about the matter.

Healthy Lifestyle

One factor that plays a big factor into the overall scenario is your lifestyle. Your brain needs a good supply of blood and oxygen. This can be achieved by exercising regularly and eating the right foods that can help you in this regard. You must also limit drinking alcoholic beverages. If you must, do it on a moderate basis. You should also not engage in drugs and other prohibited substances as these can cause damage on your brain which you may be unaware of at first. You will just get the surprise of your life when you wake up one day and you feel the negative effects that these have brought about.

More Tips

To help you with the goal of retaining as much information as you want and need, here are some more simple techniques that you can opt to do.

1. Try to assimilate occurrences and people to other factors that can help you remember them. You don’t want to get into situations wherein you cannot remember important faces and names just because your memory fails to work well. By helping your brain in trying to remember, you will be successful in the venture as you practice the act through time.

2. Do a mental picture of what you are trying to remember, especially when you have to engage into speaking commitments wherein you have to deliver long speeches. You can try to break the speech into parts wherein each part will be associated with something to help you remember the line.

3. Do not quit learning as you age. It will be helpful to engage in activities that you used to do when you were young. If you have kids, you can browse on their books to re-learn some things that you already have forgotten. This can also be a bonding moment for the family. You can help your children do their homework. While you are at it, you will be amazed at how this activity can help you exercise your brain in the process.

If you feel like there are so many things that you are finding hard to remember, it is high time that you think about resorting to tips and techniques on how to better your memory. You should avoid getting serious disorders by engaging into the kind of lifestyle and activities that promote healthy brain functions.

Ways to better your memory

Ways to better your memory

We all want to have a photographic memory. Just imagine being able to remember every single fact that you have read since you were a kid. You would be a shoo in when it comes to game shows and trivial pursuit games. Besides, havig a great memory will get you through tough times in college. Unfortunately not all people are blessed with such great memory but there are ways to make it better. Here are some of them:

1. Exercise your mind
The more you use your brain, the more it will be better. When it comes to the brain, there is no such thing as drain. If you want to improve your memory, then use your brain as much as you can. Read a book. Answer a crossword puzzle. Engage in memory games that will develop your brainís power.

2. Play memory games
There are a lot of games out there that will help you exercise your memory. Log on to the internet and look for memory games that you can play. There is also the game board mastermind and Games of the Generals that will help you improve your memory and your logic skills.

3. Use visual tactics
Most people who have had to improve their memory have used visual tactics to help them remember things. For instance, if you want to remember a grocery list without writing them on paper, all you have to do is visualize your house and associate every part of it with the things that you have to buy. If you need a bathroom cleanser, then visualize it with your bathroom. The same goes with a vinegar and cooking oil with the kitchen or a moisturizer for the face with your bedroom. Thinking visually will help you keep the list in mind.

4. Say it over and over again.
Some people remember when they repeat it to themselves. For instance, the best way to remember the name of a person is to use it in a conversation with that person. That way, you will be able to associate the name with the face right on the onset. It will be easier then to remember that personís name the next time you meet her or him. The same also goes with remembering telephone numbers. The more you use it and repeatedly use it, the more you will be able to remember them.

5. Eat right
There are foods that will help keep your brain healthy and thus improve your memory. Foods like peanuts, tofu and milk help keep the brain in tip top shape. The same goes with fish and meat that have proteins that help nourish the brain and keep it developing. In fact, these foods are especially important with children who are growing because their brain is just developing.

6. Group them
Another effective way to remember things easily is to group them. For instance, in remembering telephone numbers, it will be easier to group them into two and remember them as two chunks than remembering them as seven separate numbers. Thus, numbers are given hyphens to make it easier to commit to memory.

There are a lot of other ways to better your memory but before you can do it, you have to first commit to the task.

Helpful Tips to Better Your Memory

Helpful Tips to Better Your Memory

Through time, as you grow old, you will encounter many health problems that can be countered by leading a healthy lifestyle. This will also be beneficial in the goal to better your memory. In psychology, this is defined as one’s mental ability to encode the registered information, retain and use the helpful data whenever necessary.

You must do everything necessary to keep your brain functioning well. This way, you can avoid getting numerous disorders that are associated with the brain. As people grow old, the one aspect that usually gets affected is their memory. They are having difficult time remembering valuable information, especially at times when they need to come up with an answer. The following processes of how your brain functions get affected, especially when you just let it be and you don’t act upon the problem.

1. Encoding. When your brain receives information, it processes everything and combines pieces of what has been received with the data already stored in your system.

2. Storage. Your brain acts like the hard disk of your system where you store everything. But unlike the computer system, your brain records the information permanently. And it will stay there for as long as you are healthy and you haven’t encountered serious problems that have caused your brain to malfunction.

3. Recall. In cases wherein you have to answer questions and situations based on what has already been stored in your brain, you try to recall the data that may help you arrive at the right conclusions.

Improve Your Memory

The International Longevity Center released a report in 2001 that includes vital tips in improving your brain’s performance. The more pronounced tips include actively seeking new information through learning. This can be achieved by reading and training. You should also engage yourself in physical activities that promote blood circulation on your brain. You should also learn to keep your stress levels at a low by not thinking too much about problems. It is also recommended to get enough sleep and eat right. To help you exercise your memory to improve its performance, here are some more tips that you can opt to do.

1. Make it a habit to write down notes about the things that you want to do and whatever you want to remember. This can aid you in achieving your goal until you no longer have to resort to this activity or do it less often.

2. If you are reviewing for exams and the likes, you must get enough rest after storing too much information on your brain. You can repeat the process after you have rested and before the date of the exam to help your brain absorb more information and retain most of them.

3. You should also practice visualizing things that you need to remember. For example, you need to remember too many names at a short period of time. It will help if you will associate the faces of the people and their names on images that will make you recall them easily.

4. While some people may attest that cramming work for them, this is not healthy as you try to force and overload your brain with too many information for a short period of time. If you have to study, give yourself ample time to finish everything that you have to review. Give your brain time to rest after absorbing too many data. This will help better your memory and for you to perform well on your exams.

How to start bettering your memory

How to start bettering your memory

It will be cool to actually remember all the names of the people we meet or recite from memory all of the books that we have read. But not all people are blessed with a photographic memory that can capture a lot of data. The most that most people can do is to remember about 50 percent of the details in the books that they have read and recall about 10 names in the 50 people they meet. But hey, this does not mean that we should all give up wanting to make our memory better.

Although we cannot actually make our memory as powerful as one with a photographic memory, we can at least improve its processes so that we can recall more names than we usually do. This is especially true with people who are already aging. As we grow older, our memory slips. This is why most of our grandfathers and mothers often forget a lot of things, even our names.

Below are some names on how to make your memory a little bit better. Read on and you might still be able to do something with that faulty memory of yours.

1. Start early
It is important to take care of the brain early on to avoid forgetfulness when old age comes. Brain development starts at a very young age, from 0-3 years old. It is during this time when your brain grows the fastest. Although you may not have any power over your parents actions during this time, you can at least add to their care when you are much older, say 6 or 7 years old, by eating the right foods and avoiding as you grow old vices like cigarettes and alcohol which are proven to lessen memory skills.

2. Commit to the improvement
You should at least be able to commit to the task of bettering your memory. You may not realize it but it is not as simple as memorizing a grocery list and practicing your brain with crossword puzzles and memory games; you will also be changing the way you live your life and the food that you eat. Changing your lifestyle and your diet takes a lot of gumption and self-discipline from you. You will not be able to do it if you do not commit wholeheartedly to the task.

3. Practice
Use your brain. Whether it is something as simple as reading a book or playing a strategy game like chess, exercising your brain will help keep those neurons awake and working. In fact, studies have shown that those who answer crossword puzzles, read or generally use their brains will less likely become senile or acquire Alzheimerís Disease. Using your brain will prevent it from being rusty and dusty.

4. Visualize it
One of the most common techniques to improve memory is to visualize words and things. You see, the brain sees data as pictures. It will be easily stored and faster to retrieve if it is seen and visualized as one picture than when it is memorized as numbers or words. For instance, if you are trying to memorize a grocery list, you do not memorize the words. You memorize the pictures of the things that you need to buy. That way, when you go to the grocery store, you will remember to buy that item, bettering your memory in the process.

Reasons why you should improve your memory

Reasons why you should improve your memory

Memory is important. We use it in our daily lives but often we take it for granted. Not many people realize the important function that memory has in our lives. But this should not be the case. Having a great memory is vital to our survival. Thus, it is important that you take steps to better your memory. Here are some of the reasons why you should:

1. It defines who we are
The memories in your lives define who you are. Try erasing all your memories and you will not have a sense of who you are. It is the experiences that we have in the past that will determine who will be in the future. Without a memory of the past, we will find it hard to go forward in the future. We will have to start building relationships again and have a sense of who we are like what we did when we were still growing up.

2. It helps us learn
We use our memory to learn new things and develop new skills. Memory is actually important in school where we need to memorize a lot of information in order to pass our subjects. Memory is the one what we rely on when it comes to examinations and recitations. But memory is not just for memorizing. Knowledge is also acquired with the use of memory. We learn to do things because of our brainís work.

3. It helps us with our jobs
Although we will not be answering examinations when we are on the job, we need memory to help keep up with our schedules and the meetings that we have had with people. There are professions who rely a lot on excellent memory. You need it as a secretary when you have to be on top of your bossí schedules. You need when you are a journalist especially in remembering statements that your interviewees have made. You even need it as the owner of the company. You need to remember all the products that you are manufacturing, the capital that you used and the income that you get for the second quarter of the year.

4. It helps build relationships
People who easily remember the names of people are seen as much warmer and more intelligent than those who canít remember names even on the same night. This is why personal relations employees are trained to remember names on an instant as this shows respect and appreciation for others. When people remember our names, we feel a sense of importance and we in turn forward those feelings of good will to that person.

Having an excellent memory also helps people remember birthdays. This is especially true with men who usually forget dates of anniversaries and birthdays. People who remember special dates come across as more thoughtful and more caring as opposed to those who forget all the time. Even if remembering birthdays are not really a sign of love or a measure of love, people still see it that way.

Memory is actually a reflection of our mental processes. Having excellent memory usually means that you have great brain power. Thus, when you are making an effort to better your memory, you are also improving the way you think. And with that, you donít really need so many reasons.

Secrets on how to make memory better

Secrets on how to make memory better

It will start with some small incident like forgetting the birthday of a colleague. Then you will start to forget the birthdays of people close to you. After that, it will be the turn of the directions to your favorite restaurant and then god forbid, you will forget your own keys inside your home. We all suffer from moments of forgetfulness but sometimes, things go worse that you find ways to make your memory better.

Although we are not all blessed with a photographic memory, there are ways to at least improve what we are given and make us a little less forgetful. This is especially true with people who are already growing older. As we age, the neurons in our brains also age. Some die while others perform slower than usual. This is why people who are older have faultier memories than their much younger counterparts.

But hey, as mentioned, there are ways to improve memory. Here are some of them:

1. Use visuals or sounds
Depending on what kind of learner you are, people can either use visuals and sounds to remember something. For instance, if you are trying to remember a to-do list, all you need to do is stare at the paper and you will be able to see in your mind the list. There are people however who need to hear the list of their to-dos before they can remember everything that they have to do. To find out which technique will work for you, try remembering how you memorize in school. Do you read the words silently or read them out loud?

2. Use associations
Our brains also need help when it comes to remembering things. The easier we make the remembering task for the brain, the better it will be able to remember the information. This is where associations come in. Associating information with things that we already know or things that we can see is a technique that has been utilized in improving memory. For instance, have you heard of mnemonics? When memorizing a set of words, we often take the first letter of that word and then form a sentence or words from those letters. Associating the word that we are trying to memorize with the first letter makes it easier for our brain.

3. Visualize it
Do you ever wonder why photographic memory is the term use for people with really excellent memory? This is because people who really memorize well or have great memories do not see one item or one information when committing them to memory. They see a picture of the words in group. For instance, a person with a grocery list will usually memorize the items one by one but people who learned to improve their memories will memorize it as a whole. They will look at the list and visualize it as a whole until they can see the list in their mindís eye.

4. Eat right
Another important way to improve memory is to check what you eat. Your diet will factor a lot in your ability to memorize things. Eating nutritious foods will help your brain perform better and faster. This is especially true when eating known brain foods like tofu, milk and fish.

There are many ways to make your memory better but the most important thing is to commit to the task and promise to improve it no matter what.

Better Your Memory by Playing Card Games

Through time, there are many techniques that are being developed to help enhance one’s memory. There are various ways that you can opt to do if you want to better your memory. The first thing that you have to take note of is your lifestyle. If you want your brain to be active and retain as much vital information as it could even if you are already old, you must help keep it healthy. What can you do to help you achieve such goal? You may want to focus on improving your lifestyle.

It will be to your advantage if you will not drink too much alcoholic beverage. This can still be done but keep it at a moderate level. You must also refrain from trying prohibited drugs because these may cause damage to your brain as you age. You may not feel the bad effects of these vices at first. But eventually, you will notice how these are causing health risks as well as negative effects on how you remember things.

To help improve your memory, you must also engage in activities such as exercise to keep a good supply of oxygen on your brain. It is also favorable to get enough rest and sleep.

Understanding Memory at a Deeper Level

Memory is defined in psychology as the organism’s mental capability to absorb, keep and recall information. The study about this field started as part of philosophy. During the late 19th and early 20th century, the studies about memory are placed in the paradigms of what is known as cognitive psychology. In recent years, it has become part of cognitive neuroscience.

How the brain works is simple yet magnificent. This all starts when the brain receives information and it registers into your memory. After it has received and processed what came in, it will store the encoded information. When you need to use any of the information that has been absorbed by the brain, it will try to recall and retrieve such data to that you can utilize it on the spot.

If you will not take good care of your brain, these are the possible disorders that you may develop. Amnesia can occur as an outcome of an accident. It will vary depending on the impact of the scene and how healthy your brain is when such incident happened. Alzheimer’s disease affects not only your memory but your ability to recognize. This is usually being experienced by older people. There is also an organic brain disease such as the Korsakoff’s syndrome that gravely affects your memory.

Card Games to Help You Improve Memory

There are things that you can do to enjoy while you are exercising your brain in order to improve your memory. By engaging in activities that require your brain to react in certain ways, you are helping it to stay healthy. You may want to start learning a few card games that can help you achieve this goal.

A good sample of this is when you aim to improve your concentration. You may want to try card games like Pairs. You must be alert to retain the location of the pairs of the cards that you are holding. There are online versions of the game if you want to start learning and applying various techniques as you play it more often. While you are at it, you may also start your research about other types of card games that can help better your memory. You can choose to gather family or friends to play with you or you can also opt to play the games online.