Overcoming your fear of public speaking helps in building an influential character

Overcoming your fear of public speaking helps in building an influential character

You would never know that even a timid person who succeeds in overcoming their fear of public speaking can help in building an influential character.

This is practically true in almost every aspect of the word, especially when fear is turned around to make way for courage and firmness.

Fear sometimes makes people lose focus or keep track of a good train of thought, but with proper guidance and positive mental attitude, fear can be overcome and pave the way to creating a better social personality, which is exactly the opposite of an introverted one.

People usually have the fear of speaking in front of social gatherings and events, which can be a good opportunity, in fact, to help in developing methods to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Here are some of the many ways you can exploit to help you overcome your fear of public speaking.

Lead the toast. Make the effort to stand up and say something about the event and how enjoyable you think it is, especially giving importance to the people who prepared the activity or those that are the reason for the event.

Emphasize on how much effort and time was spent by those responsible for the event on how much time and effort went into it.

If somebody may have taken the initiative of leading the toast, you could also grab the opportunity if replying to the toast, this may not be the same as what the one who led it commented on, you may focus on what you have seen to be special or noteworthy, like the reunion of long-time friends and family or a celebration of friendship and fun or whatever you think worthy enough to mention or recognize.

For social or club gatherings, you may offer to introduce the guests of honor or deliver the welcome remarks for the event, since these are opportunities you may try to make use to help you conquer your fears of going before the public.

Welcoming visitors for the gathering can be as easy as you think, since they wonít mind being asked what you may want to focus on when introducing the visitor.

For welcome remarks, you may want to take the advantage of the opportunity where you can discuss things that you could share with the group.

Another good opportunity to help you practice in overcoming your fear is asking to present an award, make every effort to study or learn why the award is being presented and how much the recipient deserves to have it.
If by chance you are the one going to receive an award, donít miss the chance to say something, like how much the award means to you and how it would serve to push you to strive harder and better than before.

Also thank those who gave you the support and thought you deserved to have it, as well as colleagues who helped you shape the path to a better professional working and cordial relationship.

Lastly, whether you may be the one leaving for another place or a friend or colleague, take the chance of speaking before friends or colleagues, this will also give you the chance to practice even if no occasion calls for it.
By far these are some of those common ways to help you in overcoming your fear of public speaking that helps build an influential personality.

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