How Do You Slip the Best Superfoods into Your Diet Plan?

One scroll down, health blogs would lead you to a list of endless choices. The only trouble is that these deliciously nutritious are not right for your daily routines. You also wonder if gulping down supplements is a better option.

We allow you to stay healthy and fit by guiding your through this fitness journey. Our short and sweet list explains how to use superfoods when you are dieting. 

Let’s go!

What are the best SUPER-FOODS for diet plans?

1. Bliss Bowls for Healthy Snacking

Admit it.

You are great at portioning meals and sticking to your superfood diet plan. That is until you are craving for snacks in the middle of the day. Hunger pangs can make the best set plans disappear when you only have a handful of nuts to survive. These desperate times lead you to the calorie-laden snack drawer, which means utter chaos.

This is where the bliss bowl enters the picture.

Bliss bowls give you the chance to mix things up to create flavorsome snacks.

You can:

  • Whip up a fruit salad with fresh seasonal fruits (i.e. berries, mangos, bananas, apples, etc).
  • Toss in nutritious hemp seeds into your salad bowl.
  • Make fruity yogurts by adding your favorite fruits.
  • Merge acacia berries with oatmeal.

In other words, tuck into snacks that are flavorsome, fulfilling, and that pack a nutritious punch.

The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is just be nice to everyone and always smile.

2.  Superfood Innovations for Desserts 

Do you have a sweet tooth?

 You can whip up tasty treats by reducing the calorie count and infusing healthy alternatives into the batter. You can do this by opting for almond milk (or coconut milk) instead of dairy items. Use coconut sugar instead of the real thing.

More importantly, think of ways to make the best superfoods the hero of your dessert. 

For example:

  • Make chia seed puddings instead of rice puddings 
  • Replace ice creams with  fruity fat-free nice creams
  • Bake matcha tarts 
  • Replace food coloring with  blue spirulina and pink dragonfruit powder

 You get the gist. 

This list is as extensive as your imagination. All you need is the desire to dabble with superfoods and switch staple ingredients with healthier counterparts. You can use these experiments to create classic desserts that hide a secret superfood element inside them. 

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3.  Green Teas & Fruity Mocktails 

Do you need a jolt of caffeine to wake you up?

Starting your day with coffee or tea drains you out faster than you think. They also make you feel jittery and anxious in the aftermath. That is why, you must seek a healthier replacement. Do the same for sodas and beers you chug down later. 

Here are botanical concoctions you can sip and slurp:

  • Matcha green tea 
  • Ginger Tea 
  • Turmeric Milk 
  • Mint Lemonades 
  • Strawberry Spirulina Smoothies 
  • Fruity Mocktails 

Using the best superfood for diet drinks is a creative way to hydrate and reenergize. You can keep them low on sugar without comprising on the taste.  

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It’s a Wrap 

In the end, maintaining a superfood diet is easier than you think. You can incorporate them into your breakfast, snacks, drinks and even desserts. They also make it possible for you to enjoy your favorite recipes without breaking cheating on your diet plan. 

Which one of these best superfood diet ideas would you try?

If these don’t fit your taste, you can find some great diets such as the ketogenic diet. Additionally, you want to keep in mind that there are some fat loss foods which are sabotaging your results.

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