Summer Book Reviews: Are These Best Relationship Books Worthy of Your Attention?

Summer Book Reviews: Top 3 Best Relationship Books Everyone Is Talking About Are the best relationship books telling the truth? Read our summer book reviews to find out the answer.

Are these best relationship books worth reading?

Our summer book reviews was an excellent opportunity to test this theory. We have all seen girlfriends obsess over aunty agony columns and any relationship book that seemingly saves relationships.

Even our moms believe the‘Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus’ as the gospel truth. Little did we know, that we would take a trip down the bookstore to review its counterparts two decades later.

Let’s look at the best relationship books that bowled us over:

1.  Getting the Love You Want

Getting the Love YouWant by Harville Hendrix isa great guide for dating and marriage alike. It decodes all the reasons why we wind up with the same type of person. It also uncovers the psychology behind breaking up after a silly fight or ridiculous argument.

Hendrix does this by developing an emotional road map that defines what love means to us. Then helps us understand the personality types and qualities that pull us into a relationship. These blueprints are often deeply rooted in our childhood experiences, past trauma, and parent’s relationship.

Duet o this, you might fall in love with someone with the same habits as your mom/dad. So all those silly fights are a reenactment of the arguments you witnessed as a child. Yes, this goes into the Freudian territory, yet it sounds more reasonable.

Read it to believe it!

A couple reading the best relationship books
Can the best relationship books save your love life?

2. The Five Love Languages

5 Love Languages:The Secret to Love that Lasts byGary Chapman is a step-by-step guide to learning the art of love. The premise teaches you one simple fact: everyone speaks a different language of love. That means your significant other might express their love in away that matters to them. They might do this by showering you with gifts or through ‘acts of service’ such as fixing something.

However, you might still feel unloved because they don’t speak your language. You might want quality time together, affirmations, or physical touch instead.

Due to this, your love still feels one-sided. (Sounds familiar?)

We recommend grabbing this book and reading cover-to-cover. Then retrace your relationship. You might experience an epiphany that says they do love you after all. Or, that a man doesn’t want the perfect woman, he only wants to be there for you.

3. 7 Principles that Make MarriageWork

TheSeven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman is one of the best relationship books for married couples. You should read it after you get over the honeymoon phase and realize that marriage is complicated and fighting is inevitable.

Nevertheless, you can make things work if you know how to resolve these domestic disputes. Know that giving your man the silent treatment only stirs miscommunication. Gottman will show you eight practical ways to ensure constant bickering and distress doesn’t end in a divorce.

Within the pages of this book, you will find research-based strategies that diffuse the tension between you. It is all about working against the negativity with positivity.

In a Nutshell

Long story short, many authors claim to write the best relationship books that can save your love life and marriage. Our summer book reviews feature the ones receiving unanimous love from experts and readers. This, however, doesn’t mean that you live your life by these books.

The best relationship books give you an insight into your better halves’ mind and also teach you how to build a healthier relationship. Yet, you can go off script occasionally.

So, which relationship book will you read this summer?

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